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An Exquisite Hotel Retreat  |  Ostrobothnia, Finland

This exquisite hotel retreat in Ostrobothnia, Finland is a unique solution to "the Nordic flip", the phenomenon that causes long, dark, bitter cold winters and warm, bright summers.  Balancing such unique climates requires a unique solution.

With nightly accommodations for 84 (68 temporary and 16 permanent residents), the building reclaims the ground area by inviting people to inhabit all roof surfaces, providing hiking and skiing opportunities and unprecedented views of the surrounding islands and ocean.  Surrounded by wilderness on 3 sides and water on 1 side, it is accessible by auto and boat and allows for national past-time activities year-round.  

A convertible gym area with bleacher seating allows athletic and group activities even in the coldest winter months.  A central restaurant lounge provides vast water-front views, and a top-floor lookout room invites meditative activities such as yoga and ceremonies.

This retreat is called LEIKKURI (pronounced LAY-KUR-REE), which is Finnish for "Cutter", as in a boat, usually a single masted vessel, designed to efficiently cut through the waves.  Located on the western coast of Finland, this building serves as a beautiful and functional hotel retreat during both summer and winter.  

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