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The Contemporary Family Home: Autonomy Within Dependence

M.Arch Thesis - Academy of Art University - Class of 2017

In architecture school, we design a myriad of projects - hotels, performance spaces, social hubs, transit stations, commercial buildings, public pavilions ... but very few houses.  Of all the types of architecture in the world, the house (or more specifically the home) has been the only type that affects every single human on this planet - so why do we spend so little time exploring it at an intellectual level?  This Academy of Art University M.Arch thesis is my exploration of what a house has been, is, and should be.

The contemporary American family's needs are evolving and so too should our approach to residential design. 

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To purchase a physical copy of this book, please contact me at  Pricing is as follows:

$89.99* - 8.5"x11" landscape hard cover, full color, 178 pages - how the book was meant to be viewed.

$63.99* - 9"x7" landscape soft cover, full color, 178 pages - reduced size for reduced price

*Shipping not included

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