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Eye of Odaiba

Camera Obscura  |  Tokyo, Japan


Camera obscuras have been around for hundreds of years, with the first concepts originating thousands of years ago.  Light passes through an aperture and projects an image of the outside onto a surface inside a dark room.  This unique project is to design a camera obscura on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan.  How do you take an ancient technology and make it new for a new audience?

Eye of Odaiba aims to reinvent the camera obscura by making it interactive, allowing people to see different angles from inside the dome.  By creating a promenade connection with the park, the globe creates a continuous surface on which images can be projected.  

Like a planetarium, the images are projected on all surfaces.  The faceted exterior mirrors invite people to interact with themselves and each other while unconsciously performing a candid show for viewers inside the globe.  This human interaction creates a timeless activity that is not limited by technology or trend.  In this way the Eye of Odaiba will generate tourism and act as an exciter for a tired corner of the bay-front promenade.

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