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C Hotel

A Botique Hotel  |  Tokyo, Japan

On the developing island of Shintoyosu in Tokyo, Japan, a botique hotel must serve the businessman and tourist alike.  Positioned adjacent to a brand new fish market - the world's largest and one of Tokyo's largest tourist attractions - this hotel responds to the value of the oceans in sustaining our planet.  

From the sea springs life, and from this hotel a weary traveler can gain new life from the spacious and bright interiors, open centralized circulation with semi-private meeting nodes scattered throughout, 5 star top-floor restaurant with views of the Tokyo skyline and easy access to public transportation.

With respect to the large tourist destination next door, privacy is increased by a wall of falling water, creating visual and acoustic separation from the adjacent programs and street activities.  Large outdoor aquariums glorify sea life and a swimming pool allows guests to come nose-to-nose with fish and sharks in an adjacent tank.  

C Hotel offers passive solar design with the geometric shape and south-facing louvres to increase light in the winter and decrease heat in the summer.  This unique hotel would provide a comfortable destination to complement a visit to one of the greatest cities on earth.

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