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Housing Hope - Scriber Place

Affordable Multi-family Housing

Housing Hope is a non-profit housing developer that works to provide a pathway to help people escape the cycle of homelessness.  I am shepherding 2 affordable multifamily housing projects from early concept design through construction.  Each of these complexes are 52 units and provide integrated commercial area including offices, food pantry, social services and multi-purpose rooms.


Providing dignified housing is just one approach to a complex social problem such as homelessness. The organization provides emergency short-term housing, longer term affordable rentals and a program that provides a pathway for residents to take part in building a home that they will own. This route toward permanent housing makes the developer unique and makes these projects close to my heart.  Throughout these various steps, Housing Hope provides child care services, community support, emotional and medical support, job training, and various jobs that can help residents develop personal finanacial stability and a sense of pride in their community.

Scriber Place Apartments is a unique project because the property is owned by the neighboring Edmonds School District - not Housing Hope. The intent of the project is to provide housing for students’ families and fight the city’s houselessness chalenges. The colors were chosen to reflect the design of the adjacent ESD school, which has a varied amber brick facade. As a nod to the native tribal lands upon which the building will be built, we incorporated cool blue and deep gray trim, characteristic of traditional native art.

Owner:  Housing Hope

Architect:  ARC Architects

Project Architect:  Ryan Boone

Structural Engineer:  Swenson Say Fagét Structural Engineers

Civil Engineer:  Harmson

Landscape Architect:  MIG

Mechanical / Plumbing Engineer:  Ecotope

Electrical Engineer:  TFWB Engineers

Phase:  Construction Documents

Location:  Edmonds, WA

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